Tropical Fruit Growers, Suppliers, Distributors, Shippers in Florida

Supplier Name Location Phone
Brooks Tropicals Homestead (305) 247-3544
Caicedo Farms, LLC Clewiston (754) 204-5849
Coast Tropical Princeton (305) 258-5868
Comfort Farms Inc. Miami (305) 248-5369
Dragon Farm Bonita Springs (239) 992-2449
Double Green Farm Inc. Homestead (305) 246-3341
Elson’s Exotics Fort Lauderdale (954) 295-5703
Fresh King Inc. Doing Business as Unity Groves Corp. Homestead (305) 245-1555
Going Bananas Homestead (305) 247-0397
Green Groves Homestead
Hall’s Groves Miami (305) 271-5311
Health and Happiness Farm Homestead (305) 248-4505
Homestead Pole-Bean Co-op Naranja (305) 258-4431
J&C Enterprises Miami (305) 255-5100
Jene’s Tropicals St. Petersburg (727) 344-1668
JLS Lychee Farms Inc. Coral Gables (305) 666-1494
Jung’s Grove Homestead (786) 243-0098
La Avocado Farm Coral Gables (305) 667-9664
Lake Placid Fruit and Nut Grove Lake Placid (863) 633-8320
LNB Groves Homestead (305) 248-7595
Lyons Farms Homestead (305) 248-4439
M&M Farms Miami (305) 233-8224
NAGA Gardens Loxahatchee (402) 650-171
New Limeco LLC Princeton (305) 258-1611
Pine Island Nursery Miami (305) 233-5501
Redlands Allspice and Fruit Farms Homestead (305) 310-2332
Rodriguez Grove Services Inc. South Miami (305) 248-1466
Royal Grove Homestead (305) 246-8460
Sardina Farms Inc. Miami (786) 543-8967
Silver Lake Enterprises Inc. Loxahatchee (561) 722-4270
Sydney and Mary Annette Robinson Homestead (305) 247-5511
Unity Groves Corp. Homestead (305) 245-1555
Vanna’s Tropical Fruit and Vegetables Miami (305) 597-8347
WP Produce Corporation Miami (305) 326-8333
Youngman’s Enterprises Inc. Homestead (305) 245-9469

If you are in the Pensacola, Crestview or Gulf Breeze areas there are some great options available for tropical fruits. Make sure to stop by our good friend and Pensacola orthodontist Clay Sims’ office as he always has fresh tropical fruit on the counter.

Learn More About Florida Tropical Fruits

Select the links below to learn more about some of the delicious tropical fruits grown in the Sunshine State. After doing your research, swing by the best Sarasota dermatologist.

Atemoya Avocado, Florida Banana, Specialty Canistel
Carambola Coconut Dragon Fruit Guava
Jackfruit Kumquat Lime, Tahitian/Persian Lime, Florida Key
Longan Lychee Mango Monstera
Papaya Passion Fruit Pummelo Sapodilla
Sapote, Black Sapote, Mamey Sapote, White Wax Jambu

Fruits and vegetables are known to improve a diet. What some people may not realize, is fruits and vegetables are an important part of a skin care routine as well. Brandon, Florida dermatologist Dr. Amy Ross has reported that many cosmetics and skin care companies are making vegan products. Finding skin care products that are vegan is easier than ever in 2022.